Earth Science Education

  • Explore the "Tragedy of the Commons"
  • Increase student engagement
  • Predict, play, analyze
  • Understand short term vs long term thinking
  • Monitor your students' progress
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What is the process of science? How can you teach it to your students. Click "Read More' to get some ideas and resources about science activities using real Earth data.

  • Students learn science by doing science
  • Help your students understand scientific argumentation
  • Read about peer graded assignments
  • Get some sample peer graded assignments and score sheets

The Condit Dam in Southern Washington, was removed during 2011-2012. Click the "Read More" link to see a short video that captures the power of the massive sediment movements and drama of the draining of Northwestern Lake.



Teach or learn Plate Tectonics!

  • Earth data, easily accessible for plate tectonics studies
  • Data (image) capture and annotation
  • Plate tectonic boundary animations
  • Slide shows cover solid Earth topics
  • Note: runs on Windows OS's and Mac 10.4.x or less. Run this on a virtual PC for latest Mac OS's.