Sustainability, Tragedy of the Commons, Fisheries Mangement Games, and other links

This page is alist of links to simulations and other sources that address sustainability issues, such as "Tragedy of the Commons." Please log in and add your own links in the comments section.

Tragedy of the Commons Fisheries Management Simulation game, and ideal lab or homework activity. This game invites a player to compete against 2 virtual fishing companies in an effort to maximize profit over a period of 10 years. Players choose "Free for all", "Limited Fishing Season", "Marine Reserves" or "Catch Shares" scenarios and are encouraged to play each scenario. A prediction tool is used for strategic planning of fishing effort. Game results are emailed to the teacher, or accessed online.

Tragedy of the Commons group activity game. This is a very nice game that requires no computers and would work for elementary school students. The discussion could include issues of sustainability, tragedy of the commons, approaches for managing a resource that is shared, etc.

Fisheries Sustainability Learning Unit. This is a very complete study unit that addresses the broad issue of fisheries sustainability. The issues addressed are: 

  • What is ecosystem-based fisheries management?
  • What factors influence the sustainability of fisheries?
  • What types of tools are used to facilitate ecosystem-based fisheries management?
  • Can the future sustainability of fisheries be predicted?
  • How does global climate change affect fisheries?

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