Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) awards exemplary K-12 teachers throught their "Outstanding Earth Science Teacher" award (OEST). This page contains important links to the NAGT site.

Award overview and links to OEST award information and policies: <click here>

Awards are made by each NAGT section and some sections award both "Section" and "State" level awards. See the OEST handbook for details, which show the process for state and section awards, as well as the specific items that are awarded the winners.

The award process, for the OEST coordinators:

  1. Nomination is made: via the website form at: http://nagt.org/nagt/programs/oest-nom.html.
  2. All the nominations that come in to the website form get distributed to the appropriate section by someone in the NAGT office. 
  3. From the nominations, finalists are selected. The coordinator will implement the finalist selection process (sections are responsible for this). If there are a large number of nominations, it is best to narrow the list to several of the most promising candidates.
  4. Section coordinators notify/congratulate finalists, who will submit their more detailed materials online - http://nagt.org/nagt/programs/oest_nominee.html, by whatever deadline the section coordinator sets. We suggest that you classify all finalists as "Runners Up."
  5. The sections choose the winner(s) according to their own processes and notify the Program Coordinator, NAGT office, and sends a congratulatory email to the recipient(s) by June 1 (the current deadline). Some states give both Section and State awards. The plaque order form on the NAGT site allows for both kinds of awards.
  6. The section coordinator completes the OEST Plaque Form to request a plaque be made for their winner(s). Important: if the award is for both section and state, both section and state portions of the form must be filled in to get both indicated on the plaque.  Log into the NAGT site and find the plaque order form.
  7. The winners complete the OEST Recipient Form to give the NAGT office their bio and picture for publication in In the Trenches and on the website. http://nagt.org/nagt/programs/oest-info.html
  8. Awards are presented and all the write ups get published online and in In the Trenches. The national office follows through with all of the winners about their prizes and sends their names to GSA, etc.

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I am the OEST coordinator for the National Office. I want to see the OEST award promoted as widely as possible and hope that this will promote the value of teaching Earth Sciences at K-12 levels. I created this page because I got numerous requests for information on the awards procedure from section contacts for the OEST award. It's easy for me to remember this URL and I can refer questions here. The links are to the relevant NAGT site pages.

If you have any ideas about how I might further this objective, please comment below. I apologize for the need to create an account on this site, but if I don't require this and approve postings, spammers arrive and create constant work deleting their inappropriate contributions.