Condit Dam Removal

The Condit Dam created the beautiful Northwestern Lake. Unfortunately, it also blocks salmon and steelhead passage up the White Salmon River. This video was taken and assembled by William Prothero (PhD), professor emeritus of University of California, Santa Barbara. It shows the dynamic movement of sediment as the water drained through an 18' hole at the bottom of the dam.

Sept. 2015 images of the White Salmon River

This is an image of the river a mile upstream from where the lake was. You can see, from the stream banks, that the river is lower by a few feet.

Looking at the gorge, left by the lake.

View towards the North, away from the dam. The extent of the lake was between the tree lines.

Another shot of the gorge. There is no trail access from the top. It is too steep. Whitewater rafters regularly pass through this section.

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