Quickie Introduction to Game Play

  1. Launch game and choose whether you are playing for a class assignment, or as an individual. For a class, enter the access code your teacher distributed. For an individual, register and retrieve your access code from your email.
  2. Read the game play instructions. Browse the tutorials.
  3. Choose a scenario. It's best to start with the first one and work down.
  4. Follow the screen instructions to set the game parameters.
  5. For all scenarios but the first, you should use the Planning/Theory tool to determine the best fisheries management parameters. This is a very important step that will help you understand how the different management strategies affect the health of the fish population.


  1. If you want to stop playing and finish up later, you can save the game status at the end of a scenario. When you log in later, with the same email address and access code, you will be asked if you want to continue a game in progress or start a new one. You can play each scenario as many times as you want in a single game.
  2. To get the game results emailed to your teacher, you must click the "Finish Game" button after you finish a scenario.
  3. Use the Planning/Theory tool to find out the optimum number of ships to build and send fishing, to make the most money. The number of ships that you enter is the total of ships sent fishing by all 3 fishing companies. You don't have control over how many ships your competitors build and send fishing, though.