Getting Started

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The Fishing Game pits students against two virtual fishing companies. The goal is to maximize the company's bank account at the end of 10 years' fishing. This almost always results in a crash of the fishing population and ultimate demise of the fishing company. The player tries each of 4 resource management models in an attempt to both maximize profit and save the fisheries for the long term. A population modeling tool allows predictions to be made based on fishing effort and the management limitations. For example, fishing season length, % of marine reserves, or catch share, can be set depending on the chosen scenario. The results of game play are emailed to the instructor or can be printed out as a hand-in

Some educators prefer a linear approach where background information is presented first and activities next. Others prefer to do an exploratory activity first, to stimulate questions, and then ask students to investigte further. The Fishing Game tutorials and help screens make it easy for students to learn how to play the game. Class discussion questions and assignment suggestions are provided here.

Start by exploring this site using the dropdown menus near the top of the screen.

You will find links to a great deal of current background on the challenges faced by the world fisheries, as well as the simulation games that motivate and illustrate the challenges faced by real world fishermen and fisheries managers.

If you want to jump right in,  go directly to the game play screen. You can try the game without registering. Registration for individuals and classes is done within the game itself.