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Learning With Data: <Learning Plate Tectonics>

The LearningWithData CDROM is a complete learning environment for student explorations of the data that support the theory of plate tectonics. There is just the right amount of data so that learners have room to explore, yet not so much that they can get lost. It includes a data browser that displays data that students select. an image editor so the data plots can be edited and annotated, animations of plate tectonics processes, and slide shows with relevant background information and suggested explorations. Earth data include elevations, earthquakes in map and cross-section views, volcano locations, seafloor age, and heat flow.

Science Process: <create an inquiry activity>

This resource gives direction to the teacher who wants to include writing in her/his course. It is the result of years of development of science writing pedagogy by the author and science education researcher Prof. Gregory Kelley. The basic elements of a scientific argument are discussed in a very practical and understandable way. The calibrated peer review method is explained and examples of assignments and student handouts are provided.

Earth Data: <Earth data links>

This page provides links to Earth data that are appropriate for student investigations described in the "Science Process" section.