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Software For Education

This page holds links to software I use. It is not completed and, for now, holds some items I want to make available.

Note: the authoring system I use is LiveCode. It is in use by everyone from elementary school to professional app developers. It is very powerful, yet easy to get started with.

There is a free open source version available. You can also get a developer's license and can sell your apps. The authoring system will generate standalone and mobile applications for Apple OSX, Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android platforms.


Learning With Data Contents

Note: the application also contains Earth data browsers and editors to support the inquiry activities described in the contents resources.

I. Maps and Calculations

  • Goals:
    a) To review basic math and calculations important to Earth science
    b) To review and understand the use of maps to display Earth information.
  • Readings:
    a) Math and math concepts review
    b) Maps and map projections
    c) Conversion factors and Earth Information
Learning Resources: 
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