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How Did this beach form?

Thu, 2014-01-09 15:14 -- wprothero

A walk on the beach in Santa Barbara, can raise interesting questions. Look at the figures below and try to answer the following question: Over (possibly) thousands of years, explain how the features that are observed came to be.

The picture below is on a Santa Barbara beach West of Haskell's Beach, which is at the West end of the city of Goleta, California. Notice at the left, there are rows of rocks, and to the right, there is a long cliff face. Might the rocks on the beach be related to the cliff face?

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Learning With Data Contents

Note: the application also contains Earth data browsers and editors to support the inquiry activities described in the contents resources.

I. Maps and Calculations

  • Goals:
    a) To review basic math and calculations important to Earth science
    b) To review and understand the use of maps to display Earth information.
  • Readings:
    a) Math and math concepts review
    b) Maps and map projections
    c) Conversion factors and Earth Information
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