Troubleshooting the FishingGame

I have exhaustively debugged this sofware. However, if you get a bug that stops your progress, please try the following:

!! Alert !!: (posted 1/24/2015) Safari in Yosemite fails to work properly. However, I have tested it in Firefox and it works fine. This is a problem with Adobe, who authors the Shockwave plug-in. Apologies for this problem.

  1. Empty your browser's cache. <Click here for some instructions>
  2. Install the latest version of Shockwave. <Install Shockwave>. Make sure you complete the installation. See item 3.
  3. Have you completed the Shockwave installation? When you click the "Fishing Game" game link, if you haven't installed Shockwave, you will get a link to the Shockwave download site. You download Shockwave and after it downloads, you need to "install" it. Double click on the downloaded file and you should get instructions for completing the installation.
  4. Are you on a PC and using Internet Explorer? Try going to this link to run the game (click here).
  5. Email the author for help. I get notifications of errors and respond quickly. <Contact me>

If the problem is fixed by any of the above, please email me. I rely on user feedback to make the application as robust as possible. If there is truly a bug and your feedback helps me find it, I will add 30 licenses to your game database.